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English is becoming the primary means by which the world communicates. It is referred to as the global language because, it is the common means for communication between different countries. As the world becomes more globalized the need for a common language is essential. With over 400 million native speakers and an estimated 950 million second language speakers English has become the means for international expansion (Saville-Troike, 2006). Therefore, in today's global world the importance of English can not be ignored since English is the most common language spoken everywhere.

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General Communication Programme

Develop the confidence and skills you need to communicate effectively in English. The emphasis is on improving your conversation and getting rid of your fear of expressing yourself in English. Themes and topics that mirror a range of everyday situations are chosen. Activities are practical and varied to ensure you have every opportunity to participate and improve your skills.

Our General English courses are designed to improve your English across the main skill range: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. In addition to this, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, communication and fluency are also built into your general English training. 


Business Partners at Work
Business English

English is now the global language of business. To survive and thrive in a global economy, you must overcome language barriers. Adopting a common mode of speech is essential and this programme will help you communicate in English more effectively with an emphasis on building your speaking and listening skills.


Travelling in America
English Vacation Programme

This programme consists of providing an environment of English language practice through the engagement of the students on several cultural events. The programme is designed to provide a unique experience of learning in a fun, relaxed but very productive way

Room with Bunk Bed

 We understand how important your comfort is, our student residences are well-located, we offer  full board, 3 meals 

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