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 convenient to  you.

Teen Students
Study at any level, from beginner
to expert. 

Hawksland International is a language school serving its customers by providing several English language programmes for a variety of purposes, ranging from basic English learning to advanced business English training

 Vacation Programme
Young Women with Backpacks
London City





The programme combines educational opportunities with the chance to experience a vacation in Uk. Visiting historical places, Oxford University, sightseeing, ice skating, bowling, are some examples of how dynamic the program is.

Students will have the opportunity to practice English as a global language.












Exclusive English Vacation Programme
One on One  Online Classes

Don't let any inconvenience stop your studies, join our online classes with the same quality

Explore the city that never sleeps

Hawlksland International School is located in the heart of London, in a few minutes walk distance from Oxford Street.

The school is strategically located close to underground stations. Students can  easily access restaurants, cafes and shoppings around .

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